We are celebrating #TASTETUESDAY by giving you a teeny taste of the SEACRET LIFESTYLE food plan. We will be sharing much more in the coming months as we gear up for the 2017 kickoff of Nutrition which will include not only the killer products, but an integrated lifestyle program that will help you on your road to VITALITY. 

The vitality plan focuses on nutrient dense foods with high mineral content. We believe in nourishing the body with foods that are fresh and seasonal. Keeping things as close to nature as possible. Since the minerals and vitamins in your food are directly related to the vitamin/mineral profile of where those foods are grown or raised, pay attention to your sources. Try for local and natural. And you get bonus points for organic.


Mineral Rich Veggies

Potent Proteins

Vitamin Vibrant Fruits

Heritage/Ancient Grains

Fabulous Fats

Sea Elements

Stay tuned. Get ready to SAVOR.