it's free. it's mobile. it's awesome.


On your mobile device, tap the DOWNLOAD button above to tap into the power of our SEACRET LIFE APP!*

*This is still our beta version (we have some cool things in store for the app in the future) and is therefore not officially in the iTunes store or GooglePlay. When you tap the link (or go to to download) make sure to read the instructions and watch the tutorial videos for more info.

here are some app highlights...

home screen

Earn your 12badge when you earn the max points (12 points) in each S category within the challenge! When you do this your 12badge circle will light up around your profile picture! 

ALSO earn the STEPSbadge on the home screen will light up when you step 12k steps a day! This is automatically tracked with your phone.

AND don’t forget Sleep! When you sleep 8 hours in the previous night, your SLEEPbadge will light up! Check out Sleep from the challenge and even set up an alarm to wake up to based on when is the BEST time to wake up dictated by your REM sleeping pattern! #NIFTY we know!


Fill in as you go! Do as much as you can within in each category whenever you can! The main thing is to get better each day!


As you earn points from Stepping, Sleeping, andfilling in what you did in the other S categories, you earn points on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis… See who is dominating the charts! Make it a goal for your name to be on the list! 


This is the area in the app where we get to update you on whats new!


Our favorite area! Talk to the Life community and share with us how you do life by Seacret…or as we like to say #SLIFE!!


We are constantly updating this section with more and more useful content for you!

Live and love. Get social. Find your tribe. Improve your vibe. Let's do this TOGETHER!