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1388 feet below sea level, that is. At the border of Israel and Jordan, at the lowest point on earth, there is an exquisite and therapeutic wonder. Breathtaking crystalline salt shores. Dense mineral-rich mud. Brilliant clear blue waters.



It is here that the SEACRET story began.


A naturally occurring solarium prized for its purity and remedial virtues. Home to a composition of natural minerals just waiting to be harvested. 26 essential minerals. 12 of which do not exist in any other body of water in the world.

The elements of the Dead Sea have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties. This remarkable body of water is widely known for its rejuvenating and beautifying powers for the skin. Across thousands of years millions have sojourned to its shores. Seeking a spa-like experience. An invigorating, reviving, and restorative experience. The exceptional salt water buoying the body and spirit. The mineral-rich mud spread on the skin. 

Seacret knows these waters well. Better than anyone. We have been harnessing the power of the Dead Sea for over a decade. But the Dead Sea has so much more to offer. Its power is not merely skin deep.

For over 10 years, our research scientists and developers have been using the power of the Dead Sea to bring life and beauty to the body. We have extracted the minerals, the mud, the nutrients and bottled that power to deliver remarkable results for your skin. Almost two years ago, we began to realize that our research into the mineral matrix of the Dead Sea had applications far beyond external skin health - that if consumed, these nutrients could promote health from the inside out. 

A greater sense of wellbeing. Rejuvenation and refreshment. Increased cognitive energy. Immunity boosting. Stress relief. Cellular health.