gellular technology

Nutrition is based on what types of nutrients are found in the things we put in our mouth. Health, wellness, and performance are based on what we can absorb and utilize from the nutrition we take it.

It's not what you take that counts, it's what you absorb that matters. 

Understanding this logical and powerful principle allows you to understand the true value of the Seacret GELLULAR TECHNOLOGY.

Seacret has spent considerable resources, time, and effort to deliver a patent pending technology that revolutionizes how nutrition is absorbed, utilized, concentrated, and experienced. 

The highly concentrated gel has a matrix that includes plant based nutrients, potent antioxidants, highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals, herb and fruit extracts, and all natural flavors and colors. Suspending these nutrients in a matrix that requires no binders, fillers, or disintegration agents, allows for passive absorption in the digestive system. 

Experiencing your nutrition is dependent on utilizing your nutrients. The Seacret GELLULAR TECHNOLOGY allows for you to feel confident in knowing that the amazing nutrients you will consume (or, SLURP) in Life By Seacret DAY will be delivered to where you want it and the time you need it the most.  

Before Seacret brought together synergistic and unique blends of powerful nutrients to help support the body's inherent abilities to enhance performance, the Seacret Research and Development team innovated on the ability to deliver those nutrients to the most fundamental elements of the body...the cell.


The Seacret patent pending technology that allows for maximum potential of the body to absorb a highly concentrated set of a variety of nutrients in a fun, easy, on-the-go delivery system...the Seacret GELLULAR TECHNOLOGY.

GELLULAR is a term that combines the patent pending matrix that is unique only to Seacret Gel and the fundamental unit of the body, the building block of all tissue, organ, system, life: CELLULAR.

What makes the GELLULAR TECHNOLOGY so innovative and revolutionary is that understanding it's not what you take that is important, it's what you absorb.