Slumber. Recover.


*this product is a total SNOOZE. (you're welcome)


The end of your day is the start of recovery. It’s why Life By Seacret NIGHT was formulated to consider your body’s natural rhythms and soothe the mind and body as you end each day. 

Nightcap, redefined.

Sip. Slumber. Recover. You can't have restoration without rest.

This nighttime formula is the perfect way to end your day. Instead of the daytime grab-and-go gel, slow things down before bedtime by pouring this powder into water and sipping your nutrition. Calm down. Unwind. Do the night, right. Grab your favorite mug, sit back and relax, and sip your way to therapeutic sleep.*

TIP: enjoy this product warm for a more satisfying experience.


The Proprietary Night Complex focuses on recovery and repair, providing 3 key benefits: CALMNESS, CELLULAR CLEANSING, and a HEALTHY INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE. Preparing your systems by enriching them with nutrients so you can enjoy your rest.*

Life By Seacret NIGHT contains a nighttime food blend + digestive support complex + calm complex + inflammation support complex.

beetroot + acerola + cordyceps + maitake + shitake + moringa + spinach + tomato + carrot + inulin + milk thistle + reishi + chlorella + chamomile + passiflora + melissa + turmeric + ginger


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.