rock around the clock.


From one sunrise to the next, your body undergoes extraordinary change. Over the course of 24 hours your heart will beat 100,000 times. You’ll take about 20,000 breaths and inhale more than 2,600 gallons of air. Up to 50 trillion cells will die and be replaced in your body.


Even more astounding are the types of changes your body experiences during the day when you’re alert and require energy, and the dramatic difference during the night when sleep and restoration are vital.

Life By Seacret DAY and NIGHT products give you powerful minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in forms that make sense, night and day, day and night. All designed to give your body the nutritional support it needs, precisely when it needs it most.*


Nutrition for your DAY.

Nutrition for your NIGHT.

Nutrition for all the hours of your 24 HOUR LIFE.

Specially Formulated Day / Night Support

Life By Seacret is scientifically designed nutritional support to optimize every  second of your 24-hour life. It’s essential nutrition that’s divided and delivered into the nutrition you need to thrive during the daylight hours and the nutrition  your body requires to recover during the nighttime hours. 

Life By Seacret DAY

Life By Seacret NIGHT

By creating a 24-hour balance of vital nutrients, you can support the necessary,  vitality mechanisms within your body to obtain greater energy, focus, and cognition by day, and deeper, more refreshing sleep at night.* 


Nourish yourself.

Find balance in your being.

Live with intention.

Feel good in your skin.