You’ve been trained by weight loss programs and outdated nutritionists that a “calorie is a calorie”, so meticulously counting your calories should equate to a leaner, healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, the “numbers are not just the numbers”. Calories and Nutrients have two separate definitions, and within the body, they have very unique functions and benefits. Think about this way, would you feel that a 200 calorie candy bar filled with sugar, fat, and more sugar has the same health benefit than a 200 calorie salad filled with hundreds of vitamins and minerals? To be the healthiest, you’ve got to think of how many nutrients can be contained in a certain amount of calories, the more nutrients you can put into a set amount of calories, the healthier you will be. Now I’m not saying that calories are not important. They sure are, especially when you get your calculations wrong. If you start eating calories that do not have the nutrients your body needs, your body will continue to be hungry and starving for health. The more of these “empty” calories you eat, filled with useless nutrition, the more your body will have to process and use. The problem is, you can only use so many calories, so what calories that don’t get used, start to get stored. 

The SEACRET to living a healthy, vibrant, energy filled lifestyle is to focus not on how many calories you’re eating (or not), but how nutrient dense the calories are in your day. 

Top Nutrient Dense Foods: Kale, Avocados, Salmon, Garlic, Blueberries, Black Beans, Seaweed