Another food myth that has seeped into our dietary habits and become truth for some, is that salt is bad for you. Now, shouldn’t say this is a completely untruth, salt that is processed (the white table salt) and the sodium found in processed food are definitely unhealthy. However, the natural salts found in nature, like the Dead Sea, which are loaded with essential minerals are incredibly beneficial to the body and often times, therapeutic. The health of foods is directly determined by how the body not only responds to it but also how easily it is absorbed. The preparation of sea salt has very little processing, unlike the bleaching, iodizing, diluting, or refined table salt. This minimal processing allows for the salt to retain its moisture and mineral content, which allow it to be quickly used by the body and metabolized. Sea salts contain over 60 unique minerals in their natural matrix, so they are in perfect ratio to allow for hydration and enzymatic balance. These salts actually enhance our digestive enzymes which allow our body’s to absorb more nutrients from the foods we eat.  

The SEACRET is to use salt to taste, using the right type of salt will allow for better digestion of nutrition, proper hydration balance, and a great tasting healthy meal!