It’s easy to see why dieting has never lost its luster. Who wouldn’t want a quick fix to a long term problem? Quick fixes are naturally more attractive than long term, patient, not necessarily going to see the results immediately, effortful strategies. We often think of our life as sprints, sprinting from one project to another, one day to the next, and from one goal to another. But sprinting can be hard and tiring, and if your goal is long and lifetime, you’ll most probably run out of steam well before the end. You can’t “do” healthy, you must “be” it, it has to become part of your life, your daily routine, your LIFE. While most people will tell you that nothing should consume you, Seacret has a different idea, you should be consumed…by the health of you, the energy of you, the belief in you. 

The SEACRET to a LIFEstyle is to have it directed towards the betterment of you at all times, where the health of your mind, body, spirit, is all consuming.