When nature made you your food, it didn’t want you to pick it apart. Processing, extracting, juicing, peeling, all those distortions of nature’s initial intent either degrade the wholesome, incredible benefits of the foods you’re eating or remove some of the vital nutrients that create the careful symphony of health of the food.  The vitamins, minerals, phyto (plant based) nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes are delicately preserved in a perfect ratio to provide optimal health and wellness. Think of fruit. One of the foods that have been processed, I’m sure with good intentions, into a nutritional disaster. “Natural” Apple, Grape, Orange juices with vitamins, minerals, and LOADED with sugars has become healthy alternatives to sodas and other drinks. However, although more healthy than soda, the removal of the valuable fibers, pectins, enzymes (through processing), has created an alternative that pales in comparison to the value of the actual consumption of the fruit, skin and all!  Nutrients from the whole, raw food, have valuable holistic effects that allow all the nutrients to work together more effectively. Nutrients are influenced by other nutrients and components in the food. It’s not always just about the “active” ingredient (like Vitamin C in oranges). The active is not working solo, it must be complemented and enhanced by the other components in the food.  

The SEACRET to Whole Food Nutrition is to keep your foods looking the same way going into your mouth as when you picked from the tree - ground - sea, as you can.