Taking advantage of natural fluctuations in the body’s metabolic cycle through the timing of foods you eat (and how much you eat) can have a dramatic effect on your health. Research has shown that the body’s ability to make use of certain foods (especially carbohydrate and sugars) fluctuates throughout the day in tune with the body’s own clock. If you start to disturb this clock (these natural processes of the body) you can create trauma and weight gain in the body. Your biological clock controls your metabolism, so the way in which we metabolize foods during the day and night is different. During the day, you’ll have a higher metabolism due to activity and stresses which can utilize calories better than during the day or even early morning. Keeping your meals light and simple in the morning and night, while having most of your nutrition in the middle of the day can keep you in synch with the natural rhythms of the body and offer the best utilization of nutrition.  

The SEACRET is to highlight lunch! Keep your breakfast filled with healthy proteins and fats, balancing lunch with protein, carbs, and fats, and then keeping you light as your dreams at night with veggies and protein.