I’ve tried every fitness plan – too much time and money, with little benefit.
Every time I pick up a magazine or read the news, there is some new plan that’s a miracle.
My head will explode if i read another article about the best new exercise.

good news. our fitness plan is simple.

keep it practical and fun. you cannot exercise yourself skinny, so don’t try. but, active muscles are anti-inflammatory so we do advise you to get moving! it doesn’t need to be endless hours in the gym or marathon training…just movement. do something active every day. heat your body. purify. detoxify. rev your metabolism. and spend time outside when possible. that vitamin D fix is the best.

you can walk, jog, sprint, swim, dance, play sports, hike, rock climb, do yoga, toss around bags of sand, throw tires, do burpees, kick box, tabata, run around after kids. whatever makes sense for your life. but keep it fresh and make it something that you actually enjoy doing. the goal is to get your heart rate up a bit and work up a sweat.

and we definitely recommend doing some resistance exercises. that doesn’t necessarily mean dumbbells and tank tops and grunting. just something that makes your muscles resist gravity—pushups, lunges, sit-ups, pull-ups. put that body weight to work for you. no gym required and no crazy machines required. and that means, no excuses. resistance excerises help to build and define muscle which you want. muscle helps with burn and metabolism and it helps to reshape your body.

start by just integrating movement into your life. be mindful about it. take the stairs. walk around. stretch. lift things. and then, try to challenge yourself to break a sweat daily. it might be ten minutes. it might be an hour. be consistent and go for it! slowly but surely, you will create habits and build a lifestyle. it doesn’t need to be a chore or extra strenuous... unless you are into all that. hey, if bootcamps are your thing then do it. if you like a challenge then push it. but if you need to be slow and steady, we've heard that often wins the race. get active and stay active. find a group that will move with you and encourage you and hold you accountable. and stick with it. you will get hooked on the endorphins. and you will be motivated to keep moving as you see your body and life change.